Four Basic Teachings Of Lao Tzu That Will Bring You Closer To Life

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Lao Tzu was a Chinese philosopher whose personal life is not known much, but his teaching shows the whole world the way to live, which is also called Taoism. That’s why in this article we will talk about four teachings of Lao Tzu which will change your thinking.

Truth is only reached through silence

Silence is whole in itself and it is pregnant with every possible language, word or explanation, but as soon as we speak something by extracting some words from silence, then we can express only a small piece of truth.
Silence is the highest level of communication, words always remain a little faded. For this reason, Lao Tzu writes in his teachings that the path that can be explained is not the real path. The name that can be named is not the eternal name, but the one that cannot be named only He always was, always is and always will be. Lao Tzu says here that speaking is useless if you want to know the truth, but most people are afraid of peace, so they always cover their reality with a sheet of words. By using words, you stop talking about existence and the secrets which you could hear in its silent language, now you start searching for the same secrets in the noise and get away from the truth.
Think for yourself that if the spoken words in every language and every book have come out of silence, then you will give priority to books to get real knowledge or to silence itself from where you can directly take knowledge of infinite books. Every great book is also written so that you can take a step towards real knowledge by being
inspired by that book. Books are just finger-pointing to the moon. It is not the moon itself, so ever try to dissolve in silence, let it fill you inside, and when you will be able to listen to the sound of silence by remaining calm, then you will not only know the truth, but you will drown in the truth.
There will be no boundary between you and the truth. Make distance in your mind from everything that can be talked about.

Be choice-less

Wherever you have to make a choice, your mind comes in between, but as soon as you make your life almost choiceless, the mind stops and you can align yourself with the flow of the universe. This is the reason why Lao Tzu never says to meditate, he just says that flow like water in the flow of the universe, don’t try too hard to reach anywhere. In this way, he signals us to be mindful all the time so that we do not reject anything and see everything as it is. If you shine the light of your awareness on any thought or question you have, every thought, emotion or question that was just pretending to be real will disappear. As an example, no person can have zero anger, as soon as you become aware of your anger, your anger disappears, in this way, every doubt will automatically disappear and you will become a You will be able to live a choiceless life when you do everything consciously. Just make yourself a witness who just sees the whole world without any bias, in such a way whatever your eyes will look at and every time you will look at it, every time you will feel like you are seeing it for the first time. Don’t make your life difficult intentionally, life is simple and very beautiful.
Just to see this fact, drop your old beliefs by not identifying with your thoughts.

Love without hate is not true love

The love that cannot give love even to hatred, that love is weak and impotent. Love is incomplete without hate because hate is a part of love itself, it is its child. To understand love better, keep in mind the First Teachings because what you hear in silence will bring you to love to the same sound and the same place. Without separation and hatred, there is a hole left in the heart of love that only hatred can fill. There is so much hate in the world because people reject hate and treat it like it is not a part of existence. For this reason, hate becomes our shadow and starts controlling us unconsciously, but when love and hate are accepted together, then love swallows hate and only love remains. But by separating hate and love, hate starts living a separate small life of its own, so accept hate too with an open heart.
If a person makes you angry, then understand that he is separated from love and has become worse from the outside just to protect himself. Love is the nature of every human being, love is always more powerful than hate.
That’s why if there is a fight in your home or with your partner or friends, then consider this fight also as a part of their love. Every person’s hate is the call of his love. Haters are hungry for love, but love is complete in itself, so be love.

The nature of existence is feminine

To date, I have not seen a book as feminine as Cinnamon because reality is also feminine. So, it is our duty that the book which explains reality will also be of this nature. The magic of a female is such that she seduces a male without seducing him, traps without trapping says yes without saying yes and do everything without saying anything. The feminine way is passivity while the masculine way is aggression.
Lao Tzu’s words seem so convincing because in a way he is seducing us using feminine energy. She is also telling us the truth but hiding the truth along with the truth, not directly like masculine, but indirectly bringing us to the truth.
A male makes all kinds of tricks and tries his best to attract a female but a female does not take any initiative, she catches a male without running after him and then she pretends like this.That means he is not interested in that mail. There are some such teachings of Lao Tzu in which there is neither any logic nor any desire to convince the reader. According to Lao Tzu, existence is such a vault that opens not by force but by being calm. If you are using logic to understand existence, then you have become too aggressive and nothing will happen to you. To know the truth, one has to fall in love with existence, one has to look into its eyes, one has to become a poet and then it reveals all its secrets to you, but the penetration of logic allows the truth to cover itself with the clothes of lies. forces you to Lao Tzu says that Tao is called the Great Mother, she is empty but she has no limit and cannot be destroyed, she gives birth to infinite worlds, she is always present inside you and you can use her as you wish. You can use this means the thing which gives birth to everything is already inside us. Also note here that whenever a reality gives birth to everything, that is why it is called feminine because giving birth is a feminine quality.
Even for biology, every child is first a female and only after the release of testosterone, a male child is formed from those female fetuses.
The natural state of reality is feminine, not muscular. We are all in the womb of the Universe and we are filled with the Universe. The effortless action of this universe is called Tao. The Universe does not work hard and does not hurry at all, but it completes all its work. So always live in Tao and as Lao Tzu says colors blind the eyes, sounds deafen the ears, flavors kill the taste, thoughts weaken the mind and desires dry the heart.
The real master simply observes the world, but traces only his inner vision, he lets things come and go without attachment and his heart is as free as the open sky.

Final words – Summary

Reading the teachings of Lao Tzu is like Intoxication, but only those people get drowned in this Intoxication, who do not find logic in the words of Lao Tzu, but find the truth because according to them the truth is quite illogical and it is no sense at all. For this reason, Lao Tzu talks only in metaphors because whenever a person is giving knowledge of the world which is beyond our five senses, then he has to use metaphors only. The teachings of Lao Tzu are so magical that even if you don’t understand them at first, they will come back to your mind and the seed that was sown by the words in this book will grow by itself. This is because to understand these things one has to look beyond the limitations of his/her ego and logic and as your level of consciousness increases, you will get to see more hidden layers in the things of this book. There is no end to the depth of the things spoken in it. Every word is
equal to 100 books. You can’t even prove Lao Tzu’s words wrong because he never presents any argument.

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