Ten ironical truths of life from the famous psychologist Carl Jung

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The most terrifying thing in the world is accepting oneself completely ~Carl Jung

Swiss psychiatrist Dr Carl Jung’s contribution is not only in the field of psychology, but he has given something unique in areas like philosophy, literature, spirituality, astrology, mythology, theology and science.

Due to his knowledge of so many fields, he was also able to find many similar patterns among all these seemingly different fields, due to which Carl Jung was different from other psychologists.

Jung was one of the earliest experts to study the human psyche and our religious instincts so deeply. Many concepts we use in daily life such as introvert, extrovert, personality types, collective unconscious and archetypes. These concepts were also discovered and popularized by Jung.

Any very creative person knows the good and bad of both science and religion and also have the desire to know the metaphysical truth, such a person is always attracted towards the philosophy of Carl Jung.

That’s why in this article we will talk about ten philosophies of Carl Jung which will change your mindset.

1. A good life is incomplete without darkness

There is a lot of talk in psychology about the question of how to live a happy life and how to make life worth living. But in most cases, it is only a matter of the good side of life that how can we remove all the pain and all the sorrow from life.

But according to Jung, this is not a recipe for a good life, but a recipe for an incomplete life. Because in reality, ups and downs, pain and periods, every negative thing is the potential of our growth. How can we learn any lesson if we never make a mistake and never suffer its negative consequences?

2. The importance of telling your story

Carl Jung says that there are so many problems and so much evil in the world because people are not able to tell their stories. A person does not feel lonely because there are no people around him, but because he is not able to speak those things which he feels are important or the things which he wants to speak, other people consider them bad.

Living by suppressing your truth is just like living by cutting off your hands or your feet. If you don’t know your story, you don’t remember your childhood vividly, you are far away from your forefathers and you live a very superficial life, then the songs you came into this world to sing will never be heard. Can’t reach any ear at all.

3. Living the unlived life

Carl Jung once said that the biggest tragedy of a family is when the children start living the unlived life of their parents. That is, when parents are unable to fulfil their dreams and expectations of others because of not being able to heal themselves, then they start fulfilling their dreams with their children.

If a parent was always pressurized to take a certain job and bring a lot of money to the house. Then those traumatic parents start judging their children based on unfulfilled wishes sitting in their minds and force them to choose the same job or career option which they think is right.

Because of this, a child starts fulfilling the purpose of his parents instead of choosing his talent and fulfilling his purpose. In this way, neither child can ever find happiness on his own when he grows up, nor his parents.

4. History is in our blood

According to Carl Jung, history is not something that is in various books, but it is still alive in our blood. He says that a human being is not a machine whose functioning can be changed according to the situation with the hope that it will continue to work as it was before. He carries his entire history with him. The history of man is written in its entire structure.

That is, as much information as you can understand about yourself and other people by looking inside yourself, you will not get that much information in any book.

Every history book just tells you to drive facts, because of which we also do not see any solid reason behind remembering them. Even a deep dream of yours while sleeping is proof that many such things are going on inside you and many such people are living who are trying to guide you all the time.

So if you want to experience human history directly, go inside yourself, meditate, interpret your dreams, do yoga or observe your every thought or feeling.

5. Life begins at 40

At the age of 40 to 50, people go through a dark phase called a mid-life crisis. This is a sign that he has come to such a phase in his life where he needs to bring changes in his way of life.

Union Psychology says that in the first half of every person’s life, his work is to build his ego and his beliefs, but in the second half of his life, he has to move away from these things. The first phase is for growing down and the second phase is for growing up.

Think of down and growth like a plant sending its roots into the depths of the earth before it grows. With this process, the plant can make a solid foundation, from which later when it grows, its roots keep it straight and protect it from strong wind gusts.

Similarly, Jung says that every human being just researches for about 40 years and understands the mechanism of the world and only after that he gets an idea that what is going on in the world.

6. In every disorder, there is a secret order

Very few people understand this philosophy because it forces you to see its opposite in everything. Like we relate the moon with the sun and life with death, but when it comes to finding the good in those people whom we hate and consider wrong, then this task is not easy.

But if you want to be wise, then find the reason to be happy even in your sorrows and find goodness in every bad person.

7. Your heart knows the answer

Carl Jung says that everyone in the deepest part of his being knows where he should go and what he should do. But sometimes this madman whom we call I start behaving in such a way that our inner voice is not able to make us feel its presence.

Your vision will be clear only when you look into your heart. One who looks outside remains dreaming. But the one who looks inside himself gets up.

So whenever you are in doubt, follow the same voice which is going against your ego and telling you to take the difficult but right path.

8. Deal with your own shadow to handle others

There is a concept in union psychology called shadow i.e. every thought, belief or quality which we consider bad and our ego rejects it, then we start projecting those rejected parts onto other people.

Therefore, according to Jung, if a person vents his anger on you, speaks ill of you and demotivates you, then the best way to deal with such a person is to first face the abusive, irritating and demotivated qualities within yourself and accept them.

Just as the police have to think like a thief to catch a thief. Similarly, you can deal with bad people by dealing with the evil within you.

9. Stop projecting

Jung says in one of his quotes that the best political, social and spiritual work is to remove the power of your shadow from other people.

We can gain self-awareness from everything that makes us feel irritated about others. If you get angry about someone’s talk or ideological difference, then this thing tells less about them and more about you.

So stop projecting your feelings on others and heal yourself first to make the world a better place.

10. A healthy man doesn’t torture others

Jung says that the person who hurts others, that deep insight inside himself is also sad because the conscious awareness of such a person is so low that he considers every human being and animal as different from himself. He neither respects his life nor that of others.

But on the other hand, a person who has healed his old wounds and healed his psychological traumas understands that there is not much difference between him and any other human ok or animal. His race, gender, caste, religion, everything is an illusion and if a person considers others as his part, then naturally he does not give sorrow to others but only love.

That’s why we should also try to find ourselves in other people and other people in ourselves.


Carl Jung has discussed almost every aspect of life, if we extract the essence of his words, then he says if we want to live a meaningful life and reach the deepest part of our being, then we have to find the values back which are present within us.

For this, Carl Jung considers self-awareness to be the biggest key. As a person starts connecting with self instead of connecting with his ego, he feels a union inside himself.

This process is very important to reach your maximum potential and to bring a big change in society.

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