Eight Psychological Lessons From Fredrick Nietzsche

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The person who never sacrifices anything cannot feel life deeply ~Fredrick Nietzsche

Fredrick Nietzsche was a German philosopher who is considered to be one of the most daring and great thinkers of all time. In his books, Nietzsche discusses topics such as religion, culture, science, art, tragedy, and human suffering. Many things in his philosophy are so controversial that you cannot ignore his words even if you want to and they force you to think more deeply. Any person who starts looking for answers to philosophical questions related to existentialism often starts his philosophical journey by reading Nietzsche. For this reason, Nietzsche influenced many great philosophers and psychologists. In this article, we will discuss his most important and practical teachings.

1. Live Dangerously

According to Nietzsche, a person can neither become great nor enjoy life openly until he tests
himself by putting himself in dangerous situations.
We should test our limits regularly, this is the only way by which we can overcome ourselves by
getting out of our comfort zone. Nature does not support those creatures who always live in fear
and run away from life. Instead, it favors the unique individuals who live between the Oder and
the Kiosk and do not care what the opinions of other ordinary people who are enslaved to their
intellects are.
People with such a weak mentality Nietzsche are called life denial because staying in closed
rooms and the safety of home, school, college or office all the time is not a courageous act. If
you want to come into the flow of life, then you will have to take many risks, along with filling
your pockets, you will also have to fill your heart. Instead of becoming a slave to your mind, you
have to calm it and instead of getting lost in the herd, you have to dare to stand alone.
The names of the people who live life like this are printed in our history books. Statues are
erected for them and movies are made on them so that other people also learn something from
them and they also live dangerously and openly.

2. Increase your awareness

Neitchz says that most people keep destroying themselves so that they never become aware of
life’s assets. When there is no meaning, responsibility or a big dream in our life that does not let
us sit peacefully, then we become lazy. Our lifestyle is the living embodiment of lies and our
intentions are also not pure.
We remain busy with one or the other work whether it is mindlessly eating something or the
other, watching a movie or date dreaming. But instead of making us sharp and conscious, our
every habit makes us dull and unconscious.
That’s why Nietzsche tells us to be honest with ourselves if we keep living life on autopilot like
this, we will keep thinking that life itself will come knocking at our door and maybe something
interesting will happen then.
We become so dull whenever someone scares us to become great and the challenging path we
have to go through to become great. After this, when we start failing in life, then to justify our
actions, we start saying that we never wanted to earn more money, money is everything. This
person cannot find a loving and stable partner because he does not provide any value in the
relationship, he says that relationships and love are nonsense, and chases money, but these
are all excuses that only a coward makes.
While a person who takes responsibility for his life in his own hands. He becomes successful in
every area of his life. So do only those things which lift you instead of pulling yourself down and
making you dull.

3. Find your why

Neitchz says that a person who has a why means a purpose can overcome even the most
difficult challenges of the world.
According to Nietzsche, we should live life in such a way that whenever we see ourselves in
front of the mirror, we should feel proud and not ashamed. Fear the judgment of your future self,
not the judgment of others so that after 10 years your future version will thank the present
version of you for working hard instead of hating yourself for not wasting your time in your past.
So always be true to yourself and dare to follow your interest. All other problems are very small
in front of this.

4. Suffering is Gold

Most of the time it is said traveling that is negative and the lesser it is in the travelling world, the
better it will be. But Nietzsche says that whatever does not kill us, makes us stronger. This
means we should live life like a phoenix bird.
We should take so many risks and suffer so much that the parts of us that were hindering our
growth die under their weight, but those parts of us that can make us better people grow more.
In a quote, Nietzsche says that to evolve many times, we must allow ourselves to be ruined in
some way or the other so that we can take a new birth and become stronger. Look at your
journey as an opportunity for growth, make as much relation with darkness as you do with light,
and make friends with both so that you can laugh in your happiness as well as in your sorrow.

5. Preserve your life force

In one of his discourses, Nietzsche tells us to stay away from those people who are hollow
themselves and they feed on our energy. Nietzsche has told such people like blood-sucking
mosquitoes, how many people come to us by being very innocent and sweet, but in reality, they
are jealous of us and hate us considering us better than ourselves.
Do not let people like mosquitoes wander around your skin and spend time only with those
people who do not steal your energy from you, but are overflowing so much that they give you
some of their positive energy.

6. Resentment makes you toxic

No matter how bad things happen in your life, you get fired from your job, your relatives tell you
something or your partner breaks up with you, you should not keep hatred and bitterness in your
heart for any person.
Because Nietzsche says that not taking your enemies and tragedies seriously is a sign of a
strong character. Regentman is a poison that spreads very fast in our body, so as soon as you
feel that you have started hating others, then only catch yourself and remind yourself that this
emotion of yours is having a negative influence on you. This is the reason why those who have
resentment Nietzsche called them slave mentality people because they become slaves of their
intelligence and start harming themselves.

7. Knowledge comes from first-hand experience

Nietzsche writes that ultimately no human being can take more knowledge from any book than
what he already has.
If any knowledge is far away from your experience, then its words will fall in your ears as if it is
reading on a stone, that is, we understand something only when we are not far away from it at
the deep level, otherwise no matter how many books you read Take readings or listen to the
words of any number of great people, you will not be able to understand their words deeply until
their words become your experience.
There is no teacher bigger than life experience. Theoretical understanding should be only of
those things which are fatal. Like you don’t need to confirm this thing experientially that if you
walk in front of a lion it might try to eat you. But the rest of the aspects of life should be
understood by doing them directly.

8. Surrender to life

Nietzsche says that the person who never sacrifices anything cannot feel life deeply. Because
of the emotion, you need inside yourself to give charity, you also need the same emotion to
receive the deepest experience of life, that is, to be feminine.
But nowadays where most people do not get tired of chasing material things. In such a situation,
whether it is a boy or a girl, both shy away from being feminine and contributing to their inner
reality. But until you bring a balance within yourself and give the same attention and importance
to your feminine part as you give to your masculine part, you will not start growing inwardly.


Neichze’s teaching tells us that we should not only face the difficulties of life but also celebrate them. We often reject the negative aspects of life, which means in a way we are not able to aspect the flow of life. Neichze has always been against the mentally weak. We don’t have to cry upon our luck because only the suffering gives birth to goodness. As they say, do any work with good intention and courage and enjoy whatever result you get.

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