Nine best teachings from Naval Ravikant

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Naval Ravikant is an entrepreneur and an investor and he is popular for his way of living and for giving such wise advice which turns a light bulb on inside every person. His generational advice to make money, be happy, achieve greatness, be successful, read books and create good habits is so timeless that every person can apply his teaching and quotes in every area of life.

The thoughts of Naval Ravikant seem so true and obvious because he is very holistic. They are rich, they are happy, they read books, they have an interest in philosophy and they know about health. This is the reason why it can be very beneficial for us to know the teachings of Naval Ravikant.

That’s why in this article we will discuss the 9 best teachings of Naval Ravikant, from which you will get to learn a lot and you will get life-changing advice.

Start by seeing yourself as an abnormal loser

Here Naval Ravikant is not saying that you are a loser or you should destroy your self-esteem by yourself, rather he is saying that every person wants to show himself smart, successful and right all the time, while success Only those people get it who can find the uniqueness inside themselves and do things which average people do not do.

The feeling of being a loser will force you to bring out the best ideas hidden inside you. Naval says that if you see yourself as a loser who has been rejected by society and does not have much role in society. Then you can follow your heart and there are more chances of reaching success.

It may be helpful to tell yourself in the beginning that you will never be popular, society will never accept me and I am already a loser, and you will never get what other people have because of who you are. I have to find happiness in that. Only the last line of this quote explains the unique thought of the novel. According to him, we will keep hiding our unique talents until we take action based on the judgment of others and not for ourselves.

Books will change your life

Naval Ravikant says that I have always been spending a lot of money on books, but I do not see it as an expense but as an investment. Along with this, he says that whenever we pick up a book to read, we don’t need to read it cover to cover and do not open another book until that book is over.

Instead, the Naval says to follow your interest. If a book is calling you, then it is okay to open it and read it until you get some insights out of it and your interest remains in it, but as soon as you get bored then close that book. It’s perfectly normal to pick up another book.

Don’t look at reading books as if you are in a school and someone is forcing you to read from beginning to end because in this way you will start hating reading and will run away from knowledge. Even if you get stuck somewhere while reading a book and you are unable to move forward, then take a break from reading. What makes reading useful is your curiosity and hunger for knowledge. As soon as both these things are satisfied then you should close that book.

You are called smart when you can make difficult things simple

Naval says that according to him, the real geniuses are those who can explain even the most difficult things to a child. If you cannot explain something to a child, then it does not mean that you have complete knowledge of it. Every knowledge is like a well, in which there are different heights or levels. Those who show themselves smart and make even simple things difficult are aware of only a certain point of this well. Whereas a real genius sits after measuring the entire well. His knowledge is on hold and his basics are very clear in his mind.

Always make mental models to take good decisions

Mental models are like a structure made in our mind or an equation, in which we get the right solution after putting in any problem. As an example, among my mental models, the strongest model is that of speaking the truth. This means I have collected so much evidence, listened to so many wise people, read so many books and observed the life patterns of people that I have a framework in my mind on which I can take any problem or decision. I know that in the long term I can rely on the truth and my truth-based decision will never make me feel wrong or guilty.

Naval Ravikant says that our mind works like a memory protection machine. That is, if X had happened in the past, then we can say that X will happen in the future as well.

Similarly, clear your basics by acquiring classic and timeless knowledge. If you want to build a business, apply the principles that have always worked. If you want to live a good life, then see what have been the things that have made people’s lives better till now. Make your genuine mental models in the same way.

Life is a single-player game

Most people think that life is a multiplayer game where success, money and status can be easily measured. But it is impossible to measure inner happiness and inner peace in such a game.

We are told to play different games in society whether we study, drink with friends or achieve success so that other players of the game impress us. But true happiness is not external but internal and we have to train ourselves to find happiness within ourselves.

So think of it like you’re in a single-player game where you’re just competing against yourself and you don’t need any external validation.

Self-esteem means building a relationship with yourself

That is, ask yourself who stops you from doing bad things, other people or your morals. Naval says that the more good work you do, the more you will respect and love yourself. But when you lie to others then you will also lie to yourself and slowly you will start comparing yourself and your self-esteem will also decrease.

Wise people are those who stop saying bad things not because other people are watching but because they are watching. You can run away from others, but not from yourself. That’s why don’t do any work that gives rise to feelings like self-hate, guilt or shame in you.

Apply the Basic Formula of Getting Rich

Naval advises that first look at getting rich like a long-term game, where you focus on building wealth, not just reach. He says that you need three things to create wealth. specific knowledge, accountability and leverage.

Your specific knowledge is not made by going to school but by following your curiosity.

Being accountable means taking risks in your name and showing your commitment instead of shifting the responsibility for your success onto others.

Leverage means getting maximum advantage through any action.

Great people always get great results

Young people who have big dreams judge themselves very quickly. They think that they already deserve success and they want everything as soon as possible, but Naval, who works regularly with people who create new technology, says that if you have greatness, then you will also get success. Will go Great people get great results.

Of course, achieving greatness takes many times more time than we expect, but those who produce the most unique ideas and remain patient, become the most successful in the long run. So don’t focus on achieving quick success, but keep educating yourself and focus on making new contacts.

Desire creates suffering

Naval Ravikant says that desire is a contract that you make with yourself. To be unhappy until you get what you want. This thing slows you down to reach your goal because attachment to the desire for a future makes us feel sad and incomplete in our present.

Because of this, we work not with happiness and excitement but with pain and anxiety and this thing also negatively influences the quality of our work. That’s why love the game, not the trophy.

Naval Ravikant Books

The Almanack of Naval Ravikant: A Guide to Wealth and Happiness 

Naval emphasises the value of entrepreneurship as a way to build wealth and obtain freedom in the Almanack. He exhorts people to pursue their own ideas and start companies that reflect their interests and values. Naval contends that instead of merely pursuing money, businesspeople should concentrate on adding value for others.

HOW TO GET RICH: (without getting lucky)

The book “How to Get Rich: (Without Getting Lucky)” provides helpful guidance on how to create a flourishing business and achieve financial independence. Naval Ravikant, the author, highlights the value of constructing systems that create income, adding value to others, and acquiring a special set of in-demand talents. He also advises people to put their efforts into developing their own original ideas and ventures that are consistent with their principles and interests.

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