Twelve Teachings From Jordan Peterson To Become A Master Of Yourself

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Dr. Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist. His philosophies are so deep that their impact will be seen for upcoming generations. In this article we will talk about the 12 teachings given to him, many of these teachings have been taken from his books and his interviews.

1. Do not carelessly denigrate social institutions or creative achievements

In this rule, Jordan explains that if you are a creative person or you are intellectually curious, then there are more chances of finding fault in social institutions like your government, religion, family or education and rejecting them without thinking. Because creativity and intellectual curiosity are associated with the behaviour of taking interest in new things and rejecting the structures that tell a person his boundaries.

 On the other hand, if you are not creative at all, then chances are that you will dismiss people’s creative achievements as useless because you do not see any value in creativity and art. With this type of thinking, the growth of society stops completely, but both types of people are very important to maintain balance in society and take it forward.

Jordan says, understand your personality and always remember that as much risk is in constantly following new rules or ideas and destroying the old well-functioning structure, the same risk is in sticking to the old values and structure.

2. Imagine who you could be and then aim single-mindedly at that

Jordan learned this rule from the German philosopher Friedrich Neitchz. He tells that when we are young then we can become anything but the worst and most disputed thing about growing up is that you cannot be in a position to become anything. Because in this way you will remain like a child even after growing up. This is the reason why after a point you have to sacrifice your childishness and potential to become anything so that you can become something instead of being stuck in one place. Many people keep on weighing in their youth because they are not able to decide what they want to become and Dr Peterson warns us on this point that weighing in this way is the most useless option because, In such a situation, you do not have any data to analyze so that you can know whether your plan was right or wrong because you have not made any plan at all.

So start taking steps towards, one goal, put your whole being into it and see what happens.

3. Do not hide unwanted things in the fog

If you know that there is a problem in your life whether it is money, relationships, trauma or any other problem then do not ignore that problem. Whenever you suppress the emotional charge associated with a problem, it only increases your pain.

When you start thinking about what is bothering you, then you will understand that most of your problems are not that important and big and they were bothering you only because you were not allowing them to be processed. You can’t dismiss these problems until you address them.

4. Notice that opportunity lurks where responsibility has been abdicated

It happens to us many times that we find fault in the work of others and say that the person did not take responsibility properly, but Jordan Peterson says that whenever this happens to you, do not complain; Don’t be bitter, rather look at such situations as an opportunity.

If a person is not doing his work properly and it is affecting you and the whole society, then you can raise your hand and take responsibility for that work and you will get many such works.

Like if your father or mother is not as responsible in your family or your younger brother and sister are not getting the right guidance or you feel that some important topic is not being talked about in society and if these things bother you If so, don’t shy away from taking their responsibility because you don’t know how meaningful it can be for you.

5. Don’t do what you hate to do

Jordan says that there are chances that you do not know how to tell the truth because it is very difficult to know the truth. But every human being can muster up the courage not to lie because we know when we are lying and doing things that we hate is tantamount to lying.

 This does not mean that you stop taking up your temporary responsibilities like studying or doing the work that your parents told you, you hate. We’re talking about not doing things like choosing a career or hanging out with people you don’t really like in the long term.

6. Abandon ideology

These teachings say that we have to stop oversimplifying every problem of the world and finding dimensional biased solutions for them.

For example, many ideologies link people’s success and failure with things like gender, power, caste or race and explain everything based on these.

Where Marxist Ideology tells that rich people are rich only because they have stolen money from poor people and every rich person is corrupt, whereas Feminism says that from history till now every boy has been suppressing every girl and girls have every problem. Boys are the root cause. ,

Both examples rely on oversimplification and reject half of the reality that yes many rich people are bad, as well as good and many boys, suppress girls and many boys also help girls to move forward.

Jordan says that any ideology is like a worm on top of the great stories or mythology of our history, where a mythological story is balanced practical and fair in every way, while an ideology is unbalanced theoretical and unfair, which just makes you believe in others and makes one feel superior.

7. Work as hard as you can on at least one thing and see what happens

Jordan says in this that every person should experiment in his youth to see how much hard work he can put into a task. This means pick up anything, be it any subject, your cell target or building a good body, anything and give your hundred per cent to it and see what result you get.

 With this, you will know your limits and you will be able to measure your capabilities.

8. Try to make one room in your home as beautiful as possible

 Nowadays many people have forgotten the importance of beauty. Doctor Peterson explains that every kind of beauty, whether it is the beauty of your partner or the artwork made on the walls of a beautiful building or the beauty of a statue, every kind of beauty is an ideal. Which judges us and reminds us of our shortcomings.

This is the reason why people are so much afraid of beauty and make their surroundings ugly so use this quality of beauty to make your room look good and build a healthy relationship with beauty so that it always helps you to improve yourself. Keep inspiring for

9. If old memories still upset you, write them down carefully and completely

If something from the past is still troubling you, then it means that you have not understood it properly and a part of you is still stuck in the past to bring this part of yourself into the present, you need to relive your past. Have to understand and it is the best and most effective way to write about your past.

10. Plan & work diligently to maintain romance in your relationship

This teaching tells us to take our relationships seriously and work on them with sensitivity.

 Because in the long term, it is very difficult to maintain what was at the beginning of the relationship in relationship.

Dr Peterson doesn’t view long-term romance as something that automatically survives between people, but rather as a goal toward which you have to work continuously.

11. Do not allow yourself to become resentful, deceitful or arrogant

 Being bitter about life or others, lying to ourselves, and holding on to anger are qualities that are hard on both our biology and psychology, and they accelerate our ageing process.

 You must have also seen that the very angry person, remains irritated all the time and keeps on complaining, his j is visible on his face. Keeping toxicity inside you makes you old fast.

 So don’t take your anger and bitterness lightly, question them and face the trollers you are harboring inside.

12. Be grateful despite your suffering

These teachings of Jordan Peterson tell us to be courageous and the most courage lies in the fact that a person can appreciate his assistance even in his journey and the more a person is in difficulty, the more grateful he is and the more he can live his life. Saying thank you to the universe for this acts as a support for him.

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